The World of the Dream Stewards

WalesIn the province Ystrad Tywi of the Kingdom of Seisyllwg, a handful of those devoted to the old ways found refuge in the abandoned sanctuaries of their ancestors. Hidden deep within the mystical woods of Coedwig Gwyn, nestled near the tiny village of Pwll, stood one such ancient and sacred place-the all but forgotten temple called Fane Gramarye.

Cloistered within an enchantment that hid the temple from the eyes of the world, the last remaining mages to serve the Order of theStewardry at Fane Gramarye endured to fulfill a single sacred vow-to protect the king who would one day unite the peoples of Cymru in a long and lasting peace. An age-old prophecy foretold that a son descended from a line of noble rulers would rise to rule a new era, and that by his hand the ancient beliefs would be resurrected and the sorcerers returned to reverence. And so it was that for nine generations the Stewards served in silence, awaiting an omen in the birth of a boy.

In the year 880 ad, it came to pass that the first begotten son of Cadell, King of Seisyllwg, was delivered unto the world and anointed by the Gods. Soon after reaching manhood, the child called Hywel would begin the journey to his destiny, and the ancient prophecy would finally be fulfilled. The Stewards of Fane Gramarye would be called to raise the first sorcerers' council to serve a high king in more than a millennium.

But it was also foreseen that there were those among men and mage who would stop at nothing to usurp such a powerful alliance. As the age of peace approached, the Sovereign of the Ninth Order moved to protect the prophecy, secretly naming four sorceresses of uncommon power to the sacred council. He then sent the sorceresses into hiding, scattering them to the four corners of the known world so that even if one were discovered, the others might survive. For more than twenty years they lived in waiting, until the summons to return finally came.

But their homecoming was overshadowed by sorrow. The ravages of time and unrelenting conflict had decimated the lands and disheartened the people. The Stewardry at Fane Gramarye had faded even further into obscurity, and insurrection had weakened the Order. And when the first of the sorceresses arrived, the enemy was waiting.

While dark forces besieged the Stewardry, dark times befell the rising king. The unexpected death of his father reawakened a generations-old dispute over land and title, forcing Hywel to defend his claims against family, friend, and foe alike. Determined to seize the destiny he had been promised and unite the disparate kingdoms as one nation under his rule, Hywel declared a bloody and ruthless campaign against all those who dared stand in his way.

But his rivals were just as determined to resist him, and the battles raged, unrelenting, until Hywel's only hope of victory lay in the fulfillment of the prophecy. While he fought to hold his ground, his last refuge was Fane Gramarye, and his only allies the mages of the Stewardry.