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by Roberta Trahan

Stranded in an isolated mountain pass with a random band of travelers, climatologist Daria Black is a reluctant refugee in a harsh environment she no longer recognizes. The cataclysmic earthquake that shattered her family is also turning the lush Pacific Northwest into a desert. With their surroundings growing more hostile by the minute and no way to call for help, the frantic survivors begin to clash over how to save themselves. Then Daria discovers the seismic event was not what it seems. Something else is reshaping their world. Forced to confront her grief and guilt, Daria must find the will to fight. But first, she must decide who to follow, when to lead, and how to stay alive.

Roberta Trahan's Aftershock is a little taste of post-apocalyptic perfection. Equal parts chilling, heartbreaking and suspenseful, it's a total page-turner. A great read.
Tara Bennett, best-selling author of Fringe: September's Notebook and Lost Encyclopedia