StarfishRutger Hauer Starfish Association

A long, long time ago, I entered an early version of AFTERSHOCK in a contest sponsored by SFF cult icon Rutger Hauer on his website. The ultimate intent of the contest was to gather a collection of stories for an anthology to benefit his beloved Starfish Association - a charitable organization he founded to raise global awareness of HIV/Aids, especially in pregnant women and children. While my story was not included in the anthology, I decided that if another opportunity arose to publish it, I would honor the original spirit behind it.

Currently, Mr. Hauer is actively working to encourage world governments and health organizations to classify HIV/Aids as a slow onset disaster. To support those efforts, 5% of the royalties I earn on every sale of AFTERSHOCK will be donated to Rutger Hauer's Starfish Association.

To learn more about Starfish, and how your purchase will help, click on the tab at the top of the blog or click here.

Awen bendithion,

Roberta Trahan